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Col. Mark E. Young, Sr., President General

Officers 2024-26 (elected April 8, 2024)

President General                             Col. Mark E. Young, Sr                            

First Vice-President General              Robin Towns

Second Vice-President General         Julie Hesler

Chaplain General                              Paul Walden

Treasurer General                             Constance Paradiso

Secretary General                             Karen Wills

Registrar General                              Vacant (the appointed Genealogist James                                                              Partin has agreed to continue to serve by                                                              appointment)

Chancellor                                         Deborah Hicks

Historian                                            Virginia Rouse

Counselor                                          Suzanna Rawlins

Parliamentarian                                  Renee Willingham Hamilton

Image 4-10-24 at 6_edited.jpg
Left to right:  Constance Paradiso, Paul Walden, Col. Mark Young, Sr., Robin Towns, Julie Hesler, Karen Wills, Suzanna Rawlins, Renee Hamilton
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