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Membership in the Order of the House of Wessex:

Ladies and gentlemen over 18 resident anywhere in the world are eligible for membership if they can prove beyond doubt their descent from one of Wessex kings from Cerdic (ruled 519-534) through Edgar "the Atheling" (ruled 1066).


Lineage Claims:

Nominees for membership are required to present properly prepared and endorsed Lineage Claims showing descendancy in full details with citations. A simplified application form is available for those who are members of other Old World lineage societies. 


Other applicants will need to submit the long form application, which will be furnished by the Registrar General. 


Membership Fees:

Lifetime membership is $250.  A $25 application fee and $75 genealogist fee will be required at time of application. 

Contact Genealogist/Registrar for membership and application information

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